OUR SCHOOLS | Multicultural Spectacular at Smithfield West Public

The theme of this year's Education Week was Every Student, Every Voice.

This was celebrated in spectacular fashion at Smithfield West Public School.

There was multicultural dancing, singing, flag-raising and classroom displays featuring contributions representing many countries.

In fact, there were 37 countries and five continents represented in our extravaganza of colourful classroom displays and a dynamic and vibrant multicultural concert was attended by a large crowd of parents, carers and supporters and visitors from the community.

Principal StephenGray said he was "thrilled with the amazing performances from people at our school".

He thanked the Vietnamese fan-dance performers from partner school Prairiewood High School who also attended for the day.

Food donated by school families was used to create a huge banquet of dishes from all over the world.

Plates were piled high and pupils, their families and friends were able to sample the delicious and diverse creations of talented multicultural cooks. The event had been in the pipeline since the beginning of the year and there has been vigorous planning, rehearsing, sewing and creating of displays to represent the diversity, harmony and community spirit that exists throughout the whole school.

Pupils have been broadening their knowledge of other cultures and traditions throughout the year with a focus on a chosen country in each classroom.

Hannah, of year 6, said: "We enjoyed sharing and learning about the traditions of our own and others' countries of origin."

"The day ended with a parade of national costumes as pupils gathered around an outline of Australia in the playground to symbolise harmony and celebrate diversity."


The special multicultural day ended with a parade of the youngsters in national costumes to symbolise harmony and celebrate diversity with all pupils gathering around an outline of Australia which had been carefully drawn up in the playground.

The Education Week core values of excellence, equity and opportunities for all, regardless of background or faith, were certainly on show at Smithfield West.

Education Week was a statewide event to celebrate public education, August 5 to 9, honouring achievements of public schools, pupils and public education.

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