'Active and healthy lifestyle': Council upgrades three playgrounds

The newly-installed playground at Percy Park, Fairfield Heights.
The newly-installed playground at Percy Park, Fairfield Heights.

Fairfield Council's quest to update all 139 parks in the city is closer to completion with Percy Park in Fairfield Heights, Locke Reserve, Wetherill Park and Longfield Park in Cabramatta recently receiving upgrades.

Aging play equipment at the parks has been replaced with contemporary play items as well as new trees planted for shading and seating for children, parents and guardians.

Percy Street Park now features a bird's nest swing, a fun multi-play climb unit and a new horse springer in a castle theme. The park also has a small bike track with surface markings to encourage children to ride or scoot.

A multiplay climb unit with slide, two small hammocks seats, track ride and racer themed springer are some of the new aspects of the Locke Street Park playground.

The Longfield Park upgrade has an adventure multi-play unit with two slides, a seahorse springer and a double swing set.

Mr Carbone said council will invest $525,000 in the 2019-20 financial year renewing smaller playgrounds through its strategic management of assets.

"I love seeing families and friends enjoying an active and healthy lifestyle together outdoors, whether they are kicking a ball or enjoying a picnic," he said.

"Council is investing in facilities across the city for our residents - and we are not just focused on the big parks and attractions. It is important we also focus on ensuring smaller parks are maintained and renewed for local families.

"We will update all 139 parks in our city over time. We want to make sure all local families can walk to their local park to be active and healthy, no matter where they live in our great city."