Man versus Pho: Eating challenge is back

Ever fancied eating your way through a pho bowl full of 750 grams of pho noodles, 600 grams of beef, 1050 grams of pho stock, 360 grams of bean sprouts and 45 grams of Thai basil?

What about racing the clock to do it in the quickest time?

Well now you can at Cabra-Vale Diggers' eating challenge Man Vs Pho.

The heats for this year's competition start on July 2 and will run until August 28. The final will take place on September 5 inside District 8 with the winner to receive a $3000 travel voucher.

Last year's winner Winnolit Bhuntamnotchrarod finished the bowl in five minutes and 35 seconds.

The 2019 leaderboard.

The 2019 leaderboard.

Executive Chef at District 8 Stevenson Su, said: "I love seeing our diners really come for the fun of it all. Some people come to take the pho eating challenge, and many also just come to share the huge bowl of delicious pho, and share their own photos and videos across social media, which creates even more of a talking point, and more people wanting to come share the experience."

The top-10 fastest times throughout the challenge will be asked to come back for the final on September 5, to undertake the challenge alongside fellow competitors at the same time. The nine finalists will receive a $100 District 8 voucher.

  • Anyone who can complete the challenge within 30 minutes will receive a $50 voucher from the District 8 and Man Vs Pho 2.0 t-shirt. The large bowl of pho is $35.
  • The top 10 fastest times will be updated on the main foyer display board at Cabra-Vale Diggers. People can enter as many times as they like throughout the heat period, though can only hold one position in the final draw.
  • The competition is open to anyone. Waivers need to be signed prior to taking part.