POLICE NEWS | Woman charged over bag snatch

At 10am on Wednesday, May 15, a woman was shopping within a shopping centre at Fairfield. She placed her handbag on the top section of her shopping trolley and while she was looking around and distracted a 21-year-old woman from Fairfield Heights has allegedly stolen her handbag. She was detained by security a short time and distance away. She was charged with stealing from a person and will appear at Fairfield Local Court on June 5.

Drug charges

At 6pm on Wednesday, May 15, police arrested a 35-year-old man for an outstanding court warrant. During the search, police located an amount of methylamphetamine and heroin. He was also charged with two counts of possessing a prohibited drug and an outstanding He was bail refused to Fairfield Local Court on May 16 where he pleaded guilty and was sentenced to two months jail

Two knives found

At 3:30pm on Wednesday, May 15, police spoke to a man at the intersection of Earl Street and Gladstone Street, Canley Heights. A search located an amount of heroin, two knives and a medicare card in the name of another person. The 35-year-old from Cabramatta was charged with goods in Custody suspected of being stolen, two counts of custody of a knife and possessing a prohibited drug. He will appear at Liverpool Local Court on May 27.

Shoplifting charges

At 3pm on Monday, May 13, a 39-year-old man from Green Valley was charged with stealing an amplifier, two gas torch kits, numerous electrical items and other assorted items totaling a large amount of money from a hardware business in Villawood. He will appear at Fairfield Local Court on June 3.