FEDERAL ELECTION | Labor's Chris Hayes returned with another landslide in Fowler

It reflects how my office and I relate to the community. We put them before politics. I'm humbled by the overwhelming support.

CHRIS HAYES, Fowler federal MP

At press time, the count was yet to be finalised for Saturday's election that saw the Liberal/National Party coalition look set to form government, possibly in its own right. Against the tide, Fowler overwhelmingly returned the sitting Member, Labor's ChrisHayes.

In the two-party-preferred count, 65.14 per cent opted for Hayes (46,486 votes) and 34.86 per cent (24,882 votes) went to the Liberals' WayneBlewitt.

In the first-preference count, Hayes got 56.07 per cent of the total vote counted at press time, a swing against him of 4.75 per cent of his result at the 2016 federal election. The highest positive swing, of 4.15 per cent, was towards the United Australia Party whose JoshuaJabbour had 2964 votes at press time. Next biggest percentage swing, of 3.40 per cent, was to second-placed Blewitt, on 20,793 votes at press time.

Of the 106,975 eligible electors here, 82,240 turned out to vote but 10,872 votes won't count because they were informal.

With the rest of the country neck-and-neck -- the Coalition on 50.87 per cent, Labor on 49.13 per cent -- we asked Hayes why Labor got such overwhelming support here. "I'd like to think the result in Fowler is a reflection of how my office and I relate to the local community," he said. "We put the community before politics."

How does this result make him feel? "I'm very fortunate to have a staff dedicated to assisting people in need in our community. I'm humbled by the overwhelming support I've received."

This story Hayes: Another landslide first appeared on Liverpool City Champion.