GROWING THE SOUTH-WEST | Five-year housing-supply forecast released

Liverpool and Camden are set to get the most new homes in the South-West, according to Sydney's latest five-year housing-supply forecast released by the Department of Planning & Environment last Friday.

The projections anticipate a solid pipeline of construction to support the NSW Government's record investment in transport, infrastructure and public spaces, the department said.

Liverpool is expected to get 11,950 new homes, followed closely by Camden with 10,950. Campbelltown is expected to get 7400. Fairfield is due to get 2150 and Wollondilly 1200. For all of GreaterSydney the expected number is 191,550.

The department's executive director, JustinDouglas, said these new homes will be built across the city between 2018/19 and 2022/23.

"Sydney needs to build 725,000 new homes in the next 20 years, or around 36,000 per annum, to accommodate a growing population," he said. "We're forecasting to meet that demand over the next five years, with just over 38,000 homes per year on average planned for the [whole] city. "It's good news, for example, for first-home buyers looking to get into the market as it shows supply levels are solid, with more options for people looking to buy."

The forecast shows the top five local-government areas where extra new homes will be built over the next five years are Parramatta (22,100), Blacktown (18,300), Sydney (14,850), Liverpool (11,950) and TheHills (11,700).

The forecast is used by NSW government agencies and councils to inform strategic land use and infrastructure planning and service delivery to support new housing.

"The forecast helps to inform decisions on future land use zoning to ensure there's a solid pipeline of new housing supply.

"It takes account of current residential developments under assessment, approved but not commenced construction and those under construction, as well as analysis of likely future development under current zoning and planning controls.

"The preparation of the forecast has involved significant input from local government, the development industry, service providers, and state agencies."

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