Jump First, Ask Later set to tour around the country

When Jimmy James Pham was growing up he wanted to be Jackie Chan or a Power Ranger.

Since both roles were taken, the Edensor Park resident decided on something else: a founding member of Dauntless Movement Crew.

Armed with his martial arts background, the 24-year-old discovered the art of parkour and began training with other like-minded people.

Their mission was to jump, flip, spin or twist their way though any obstacle.

Their playground was anywhere in Fairfield that had a ledge or a step.

"When we first started, people were saying 'What are these kids doing?' and we were causing trouble," he said.

"But now people recognise us and we are the people that do cool flips."

The journey of six individuals from different backgrounds who practice their own art form and meet through the art of parkour forms the basis of DMC's show Jump First, Ask Later.

They merge urban freestyle forms with contemporary dance to create a physical narrative of a journey of redemption.

The multi-award-winning thrill-ride, which will screen across the country from Parramatta's Riverside Theatres to the Bunbury Regional Entertainment Centre in May and June, draws on real-life experiences to voice one very important message.

"We want to inspire. If have a goal, go for it, " Mr Pham said.

"We didn't study at universe; we knew what we wanted to do and we chased it. This is what we love to do.

"It's expressing yourself through movement - whether that be acrobatics, tricking, breakdancing or hip-hop.

"If I'm angry or upset I can do more aggressive things like running and jumping off high things. If I'm happy I can use my flow and style."

The Helpmann Award-winning show is a metaphor for life. DMC together with PYT Fairfield and Force Majeure explore life's choices and the concept of leaping over the obstacles that come your way.

"For me anytime I have had any problems or felt frustrated I go out and do some jumps because it clears your head. It forces you to focus on the obstacle in front of you."