Dr Lurve wants to be 'modern day cupid'

Here to help: Dr Lurve. Picutre: Simon Bennett
Here to help: Dr Lurve. Picutre: Simon Bennett

Love and relationship expert Dr Lurve wants to be a "modern-day cupid."

"I just want the world to be full of love. Love is a universal language," she said.

The Wetherill Park resident, who due to regulations is not allowed to publish her real name next to her stage name, specialises in helping people navigate the science and metaphysics of relationships.

So what's the most important aspect of relationships?

"One thing that stands out through my work is the investment in a relationship," she said.

"A lot of the time we have relationships that are convenient and comfortable and a lot of people forget to put the time and effort into them so they are sustainable.

"You can love somebody and not invest a lot of time and you will find that relationship will soon end. So the amount of investment is very important in a relationship.

"It's just like a business. When you run a business, if you're not spending the time and effort on making it run successfully and being resourceful in trying to make it work that business will go bust - just like a relationship."

Dr Lurve, who is on 107.1 Adelaide breakfast radio every second Wednesday morning, is hosting events in Adelaide, Sydney and Melbourne this year.

The 'Intimate with Dr Lurve' sessions are a three-hour blueprint for love and relationships.

"We talk about relationship statuses: where they are and where they want to get, what's tripping them up, what are the fears of being in love and what's stopping them from having a great relationship," she said.

"No matter what area I was working in, everyone was struggling in love and relationships.

"When business wasn't going well, there was problem at home or in a relationship. When athletes are not competing to the best of their ability, a lot of the times something was going on in their relationships. In education, a lot of the time a child's behaviour is a result of a bad relationship at home.

"Relationships have such a big impact."