POLICE NEWS | The weekly round-up from Fairfield City Police Area Command

At 1:30pm on Tuesday, April 9, police were driving in Hardy Street, Fairfield lower than the posted speed limit as they were looking for an address to attend to a call. A vehicle approached the police vehicle from behind and honked three continuous times for an extended period. The 47-year-old male driver from Fairfield was spoken to. Without a valid excuse the driver was issued a $337 ticket for using a horn or similar warning device unnecessarily.

Drug charges

At 10am on Monday, April 8, police stopped a vehicle being driven on Vale Street Cabramatta. A search of the vehicle located an amount of cannabis. The 43-year-old man from Liverpool was charged with possessing a prohibited drug and will appear at Liverpool Local Court on May 27.

Laser found

At 10:20pm on Wednesday, April 10, police stopped a vehicle on Broomfield Street, Cabramatta. A search of a passenger located a white replica toy pistol and when the trigger was pulled emitted a red light from the pistol, which was a powered laser pointer. The 24- year-old man from Fairfield was charged with having  custody of a laser pointer in a public place. He will appear at Liverpool Local Court on May 13.

Man charged

On April 10, a 20-year-old man from Cabramatta presented himself at Fairfield Police Station where he was charged with break and enter and stealing in relation to an incident at a licensed premises at Mount Pritchard where an amount of money was stolen from a restaurant within the location on March 30. He was granted conditional bail and will appear at Fairfield Local Court on April 29.