Macedonian dance group celebrates tradition

Wetherill Park-based Macedonian folkloric dance organisation MKUD Ilinden Western Sydney held their first dance (Igranka) of the year on Saturday night.

The night saw performances from the junior, intermediate and senior groups in traditional costumes as the Macedonian community came together to celebrate their heritage through dance.

Fairfield mayor Frank Carbone attended the event and talked about the "wonderful work" the Macedonian community has done across Sydney -  but in particularly in Fairfield.

"Australia was built with the hands and knees of migrants... migrants like the Macedonians that came here and worked very hard and are part of the Australian culture today," he said.

"It's wonderful through the organisation you're celebrating by keeping your customs and traditions and you're showcasing those and continue to do it and no doubt that the early Macedonian migrants would be extremely proud of the fact that their children and their children's children are celebrating just like they did back in their own country Macedonia."

MKUD Ilinden Western Sydney president Borce Sugarevski said their folkloric group is approaching their third anniversary in the coming months and have 85 registered dancers who dance out of the Wetherill Park Community Centre.