Dale Hunt appointed Mounties CEO

Mounties' CEO: Dale Hunt.

Mounties' CEO: Dale Hunt.

Former Harbord Diggers general manager Dale Hunt has been appointed as the Mounites Group Chief Executive Officer.

Mr Hunt's appointment follows the resignation of Greg Pickering who held the CEO role for almost two decades. He becomes only the fourth person to hold the role in the club's 50-plus years of operation.

He was instrumental in leading the redevelopment of Harbord Diggers that transformed the venue into an award-winning "intergenerational community hub". He has most recently held the role of Workers Group CEO.

Mounties president Kevin Ingram said Mr Hunt's previous contribution to Mounties Group in his nine years with the Northern Site venues was "immense."

"Most importantly, his values that place people - whether they be employees, members or guests - at the forefront of his vision and passion is what Mounties Group is all about," he said.

"As a leadership team, we will continue to strive to make Mounties Group clubs destinations for the community to trust and enjoy for generations to come. We have a bright future ahead."

Mr Ingram thanked former CEO Greg Pickering for his "tireless dedication" in the role.  

Mr Hunt will commence his new role with Mounties Group at the end of April.