NDIS update: Civic helps people to live lives to their fullest

Living life to the fullest: These friends they are always out and about, having the time of their lives.

Living life to the fullest: These friends they are always out and about, having the time of their lives.


Felicity, Ainslee, Lauren, Nikki and Suzie (pictured) have a weekly tradition they like to call girls movie night in. They all help to  cook dinner and then settle in to relax and watch a movie together.

Each weekend these friends also go out to dinner, get involved in the community events, or go on day trips to experience new adventures.

This quintet have been living together for a year, and for most of them it is their first time out of their family home - and don't they love it! 

Their families are also thrilled with their new-found friends and independence, and the girls can't imagine life without each other.

Welcome home

Living in a Civic home is just that, a home. Where memories are made, meaning is given and well being and happiness are created.

Civic has a long history of managing supported accommodation, opening their first home in Caringbah in 1980. The organisation was one of the first to introduce the concept of independent and supported homes for people with disability.

Today, the not for profit has more than 70 homes in Sydney, the Blue Mountains and the Shoalhaven.  

"Civic has been operating as a disability support service for 60 years and our experience tells us that people with disability live their best lives when they have the opportunity to live with their friends and their family in a supported environment," Civic Disability Services' Kate Smith said.

"There is nothing like the feeling of being your own person and being able to exercise choice and control to live the life you want to live." 

Connecting with community

Ms Smith explained that Civic is all about connecting those with disability with their communities.

"People with disability are more likely to suffer from disadvantages including housing options," she said.

"The result often amplifies their physical, mental, intellectual and health problems and can also mean increased social isolation. 

"Together, Civic residents get involved in the community, go out to social events, and experience new adventures and opportunities too. 

"Supported accommodation means that you can live in a home with other complimentary people, and with the support and expertise of Civic staff who are there 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

"Our expert staff team organises outings, coordinates cooking, enjoys barbecues and ensures every resident is living life to their fullest.

"We have a number of opportunities within our homes. We have 3D videos of our homes on our website too - just to make it that little bit easier to see what we have on offer." 

Engaged lives

Civic provides whole of life supports for hundreds of individuals with disability and/or mental health conditions, helping people to realise their full potential and live actively engaged lives.

For 60 years, Civic has invested into the human rights of individuals who are often marginalised from mainstream society, by embedding qualities such as equality, security, recognition, dignity and respect, into all they do. 

Nurturing staff

The staff at civic empower personal journeys by nurturing connections and applying fearless ways of working.

Taking a person-centred approach, staff provide the right amount of support at the right moment. The ethos of 'working with, not for', when met with challenges, means staff advocate for independence and well being.

Editorial supplied by Civic.