CHAMPION COLUMN | What the west needs from this election

With the NSW Elections this weekend, there has been much discussion of what our next government will deliver for Western Sydney.

There is no doubt of the importance of investing in hospitals, schools, transport and jobs. However, there are four key issues WSROC believes both major parties should be giving greater focus.

Both Western Sydney residents and councils do a great job at recycling, and we all want to see recycling increase. In the last five years, Western Sydney councils have paid the NSW Government $255 million in waste levies to help improve recycling and sustainability.

However, only $20 million has been reinvested in better waste management for Western Sydney. WSROC believes more of this money should be returned to the West so we can work towards a more sustainable future.

Last week the Government promised several new rail projects linking Liverpool, Westmead and Macarthur to Western Sydney Airport. These are good investments, but there is more work to do improving transport for Western Sydney's existing residents. The Government's latest transport strategy identified several upgrades Western Sydney needs however many won't be completed for 20 to 35 years. WSROC believes these projects should be accelerated.

Last summer was a reminder that we need to manage heat better. This includes designing homes that prevent heat-build up, increasing green cover, adapting our infrastructure to prevent breakdowns, and ensuring everyone knows how to stay safe in a heatwave. WSROC is calling for heat to be made a NSW Premier's Priority so we can work together with the government to cool Western Sydney and improve our quality of life.

Western Sydney is growing rapidly, and many councils are struggling to keep up with demand for community infrastructure such as libraries, pools, parks and community centres. Councils can ask developers for money to build roads and footpaths for new communities, but they can't seek money to build community infrastructure such as pools, parks, halls and libraries.

Western Sydney is growing rapidly, and many councils are struggling to keep up with demand for community infrastructure.



President, WSROC