'​I was dancing around': Wetherill Park woman wins $200,000 jackpot

A Wetherill Park woman who won a $200,000 Lucky Lotteries Mega Jackpot on Friday said it has "come at the best time."

The winner, who wishes to remain anonymous, won the guaranteed first prize of $200,000 in draw 1242 on Friday.

In addition to winning the first prize the woman’s entry of 10 consecutive numbers also delivered a $1000 consolation prize.

“It was a great surprise. It’s something you always wish to get but never think you’re going to experience,” she said.

“I was dancing around Friday night when I found out the news. It’s just beautiful.

“You know what, I was feeling pretty low on Friday after a tough day at work. But clearly someone up there was looking after me with this. It’s just come at the best time. It’s a blessing.

“It’s got me out of my rut. I showed my family and we were prancing around the room at the time. It was very exciting.”

The winner purchased her entry of 10 consecutive numbers online at thelott.com. She  only recently begun playing Lucky Lotteries as the jackpot started to soar.

“I’ve been playing lotteries here and there, but one of my work mates told me about Lucky Lotteries as the jackpot was getting higher,” she said.

“I guess when you’ve got a ticket in your hand there’s always hope!”