GROWING THE SOUTH-WEST | Jobs and training are now available

Generic image. Picture: Mastersenaiper, Pixabay
Generic image. Picture: Mastersenaiper, Pixabay

The industry is in a big downturn but Homeland wants to hire a dozen new sales consultants and some support staff. They’ll consider people with no real-estate experience and want to train staff using their own methods. People still want to buy and sell – despite the downturn. Homeland sales staff are trained in negotiation.

In this market an agent’s skill at negotiating highest prices is vital. Homeland staff are paid while they train.

Unlike commission-only real-estate schemes, their senior sales staff get a fixed annual salary. Once paid training is over, usually three to six months, staff get a starting salary of $85,000 plus performance bonuses.

JOE MUSICO, Homeland

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