Cabramatta player nets $320,000 Keno win

A Cabramatta Keno player is $320,000 richer after securing a Keno 9 Spot win this week.

The winner, who wishes to remain anonymous, purchased their winning entry at Cabramatta Rugby League Club on Tuesday in game 459 and took home $327,483.80.

It was the biggest Keno prize won in NSW that day.

Keno spokesperson Lauren Cooney said previous big Keno winners enjoyed their prize in many surprise ways.

“While we might never know how our latest major winner enjoyed their Keno fun money, I’ve no doubt they’ll enjoy every cent. I’m sure their plans for the year will change when that prize lands in their bank account,” she said.

“One of my favourite winners’ stories was another recent Keno winner who used their prize to buy a vintage Incredible Hulk comic – something he’d wanted to add to his collection ever since he was a kid.

“However our winner chooses to enjoy their windfall we are sure it has changed their lives forever.”