‘Report graffiti when you see it’:  Graffiti app to keep city clean

The VandalTrak app.

The VandalTrak app.

“The quicker graffiti is reported the quicker it’s removed.”

They are the words of Fairfield mayor Frank Carbone and theory behind Fairfield Council moving to the VandalTrak app.

Residents can take a picture of graffiti on their phone through the app and GPS coordinates are then automatically sent to council.

Graffiti reporters are notified through the app when council removes the graffiti. Council spends about $85,000 a year on removing graffiti.

“We need to work together keep the city clean. It’s our city and our people are its eyes. Together we can not only remove graffiti but we can work towards discouraging it,” Mr Carbone said.

“I urge everyone to report graffiti when you see it. The quicker it’s reported the quicker it’s removed.

“One of the best ways to deter and dishearten graffiti vandals is to remove their tags as quickly as possible.”