CHAMPION COLUMN | Hey, you know it’s quite OK to get some help

Generic image. Picture: Nathan Cowley, Pexels
Generic image. Picture: Nathan Cowley, Pexels

Seek help if you are struggling, psychologists urge Australians.  And please remember that change is possible – even when circumstances are very difficult

Many Australians struggle with the holiday season and returning to work but psychologists can help us address our problems and improve our lives.

While many people enjoy the holiday period, others struggle with feelings of loneliness, mental-health concerns or other challenges.

The festive season and the start of a new year can be a time of soul searching for many Australians, as they confront issues that come to the surface in their personal or work lives.

This can feel quite painful but it’s not uncommon.

It’s important we all know we’re not alone, that real help is available and there’s always hope to improve the circumstances causing pain.

It’s an important reminder that psychologists can provide emotional support and science-backed strategies to those who are struggling to improve their lives.

The fact is, psychologists are experts in helping Australians to live happier, healthier lives.

They are trained in a range of evidence-based therapies that can help people to address challenges in their life, improve their mental health and boost their performance at work or elsewhere.

For those people struggling with relationships, illness or direction in their professional life, there is help available. And there’s a psychologist for everyone.

Whatever your concerns and your own particular background, there is someone who can help you to achieve a breakthrough on your concerns or worries.

You know, it’s important that all Australians know they’re not alone, that real help is available and that there is always hope to improve the circumstances that are causing you pain.

Australians can search for a psychologist in their area by visiting the Australian Psychologists Society’s website, at

Users can search by location, issue and other criteria to find a qualified professional in their area.


Chief Executive, Australian Psychologists Society