LETTERS TO THE EDITOR | Light up the Lake noise was ‘unacceptable’

Liverpool Champion, January 9, page 6.
Liverpool Champion, January 9, page 6.

This is a complaint about the council’s event [Light Up the Lake, last week’s story left]. The noise we were forced to endure was totally unacceptable to residents who chose to stay home that night. The thumping of the bass coming from the "music" tortured us for five hours. It was so loud our windows shook.

Was that really necessary?! The only respite was the fireworks that deafened us. The DJ was so loud he seemed to be in our living room! How dare you inflict such discomfort on all those who didn;t attend. What about babies, animals and the elderly!? Did you consider them? We suffered for five hours! Disgraceful! There was no need for that extreme volume, a touch less would have given residents a bit of peace – and not made any difference to those who attended. It was a dreadful night for us and many others. I hope you take note for any future event. Please keep noise to a minimum so everyone can enjoy New Year’s Eve the way they choose and not have things forced on them. Disgraceful!


Chipping Norton

The council responds:

Liverpool Champion, January 9, page 6.

Liverpool Champion, January 9, page 6.

Liverpool Council’s free annual New Year’s Eve event, Light Up the Lake, has become a popular celebration for families wishing to ring in the New Year close to home. We aim to improve the event experience for attendees and residents year on year and genuinely appreciate all feedback that will help us continue delivering a fun and safe event for families.

In response to previous event feedback, we trialled a double set of fireworks displays at Light Up the Lake 2018. This gave families a chance to celebrate together at 9pm, while everyone else was able to stay later for a midnight show.

Most surveyed attendees said they’d like future Light Up the Lake celebrations to feature both 9pm and midnight fireworks. We’ll consider two sets of fireworks at this year’s event on December 31, along with main-stage programming leading up to midnight if noise concerns can be addressed.

The council balances the need to manage noise while still ensuring a successful event for the many thousands of people who attend. The council encourages those who attended Light Up the Lake 2018 and nearby residents to fill out our survey at: listens.liverpool.nsw.gov.au.


Chief Executive, Liverpool Council


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