Cristina gets first-hand look at the future

Wetherill Park resident Cristina Fidelino is getting a little glimpse into the future during her three week trip to China as part of the Huawei’s Seeds for the Future global program.

The 21-year-old is one of 29 high-achieving tertiary students selected from across the country to participate in the program for cultural and hands-on IT lessons and training. 

Ms Fidelino, who participated in a three-day Sydney Seeds for the Future Program last year in Chatswood, is studying a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology and Bachelor of Arts in International Studies at the University of Technology Sydney.

Her Chinese experience includes learning Mandarin at the Beijing Language and Cultural University and visiting Huawei’s Shenzhen Headquarters for product and services training with Huawei’s industry leaders.

The group will also visit prominent Chinese landmarks.

“The main highlight has been visiting the Forbidden City as well as being able to climb to the top of the Great Wall of China and see the picturesque view of the surrounding landscape,” she told the Champion from China.

“Another highlight was speaking on behalf of the Australian Seeds for the Future participants at the opening ceremony of the program at the Huawei Exhibition Centre. 

“So far we have learnt some basic Mandarin as well as some calligraphy, Chinese painting and famous songs. We have also learnt about some of the technologies that Huawei has developed or is developing and their practical applications.”

Huawei’s Seeds for the Future program is a partnership between the federal government and the Australian Technology Network of universities (ATN).

“I think that this program is a great opportunity become exposed to the ICT industry and witness innovation and development of technology first hand, all the while experiencing an entirely new culture,” Ms Fidelino said.

“I am most looking forward to is being at the epicenter of technological development with a global leader like Huawei and gaining insight into the new technologies that we’ll be using in the near future."