CHAMPION COLUMN | School phone ban would be a backward step

Cabramatta High School principal Beth Godwin

Cabramatta High School principal Beth Godwin

Recently there has been much talk about banning students from having mobile phones in schools. Being a digital dinosaur you would expect me to agree with banning mobile phones. You would be wrong.

I have observed students using mobile phones in class for the purposes of learning and increasing their access to knowledge. Students can use their phones to research lesson topics, find the meaning of difficult words and access additional tutoring. 

In addition to being an in-class tool our students use phones to create calendars and reminders so that homework and assessments are handed in on time.

Phones also carry a student timetable and provide access to the school calendar.

A great use of phones is for safety. An example of this is the camera feature allowing students to document car registration numbers when there is inappropriate behaviour. 

Of course there are students and adults that use phones inappropriately. Cyber bullying, transfer of inappropriate content  are examples of poor phone use.

This is where parents and teachers can work together to reinforce rules and boundaries. 

What did we do before mobile phones? They are embedded in so many everyday activities. To ban them in schools would be a step backwards.

  • Supplied by Beth Godwin, principal, Cabramatta High School