LETTERS TO THE EDITOR | Gough would roll in his grave

Generic image. Picture: Pixabay
Generic image. Picture: Pixabay

Mark Latham once had the supreme honour of leading the Labor Party and striving to advance Labor values. He was nurtured by Gough Whitlam and supported by the many Labor party members across Western Sydney. To tie himself to the apron-strings of Pauline Hanson simply beggars belief.

If he genuinely believed his newly-held views had some currency then perhaps he should have chosen to contest a Western Sydney seat and let the local community judge whether they want him to be their voice in Parliament.

I’m sure his partnership with Pauline Hanson will be short-lived, as it has been with so many of her other acolytes. One Nation is simply being used as an easier option to enter the Parliament rather than relying on one’s own reputation.


Federal Fowler MP, Cabramatta

But let’s credit the brass band

With reference to your November 7 edition of the Champion, it was a lovely photographic coverage of the commemoration of the 101st anniversary of the Battle of Beersheba. But I’d like to point out the "local instrumentalists" in the photo on the top line on the right are in fact members of the Liverpool City Brass Band which was established in 1883. They also provided the fine bugler Amanda Crnkovic who sounded The Last Post.



EDITOR RESPONDS: Pam, many thanks for pointing that out. We’ve now updated the caption in the online version of the story. – Ian, Ed.

Two different sets of rules

According to recent media reports, the state Liberal MP for Drummoyne wants exemptions from urban development in his area similar to those accruing to senior state Liberal ministers in theirs (The Sydney Morning Herald, October 31). This just underlines the totally unfair approach of this state Liberal Government to over-development in Sydney. The state Liberals protect the leafy north shore from over-development but are quite happy to foist it onto other parts of Sydney – including, especially, Liverpool. State Liberals are completely unfair. They have one rule for the north shore and another for the rest of us.


Chipping Norton

‘Incapable’ of defending us

Residents of our area, such as those in Moorebank, have recently given voice to their legitimate concerns about over-development. As I go to different parts of Sydney, I see other areas that don’t seem to be suffering from this trashing of their local streetscape. On looking into these discrepancies, some concerning facts emerge. Liberal Premier Gladys Berejiklian last month was reported as preventing substantial development in the Crows Nest residential area. More recently Liberal state Ryde MP Victor Dominello was reported as securing a freeze on development in Ryde and overturning Greater Sydney Commission targets. Liberal state ministers are happy to look after their Liberal heartland areas but have no regard for Liverpool. Liverpool Liberals seem incapable of defending our area.


Wattle Grove

Development ‘destroying’ us

I wish to share with you a letter I’ve emailed to Liverpool mayor Wendy Waller which I feel is newsworthy. Development is destroying the area. Look at what’s been done to Campbelltown Road. It looks like a desert. Trees that lined that road near Ingleburn Army barracks for years are gone and it saddens me to think there’s a strong possibility our cenotaph will be gone, too. It means a lot to me. I was born in Liverpool Hospital 55 years ago and I’m thoroughly disgusted by what the council is allowing to happen. This entire area is ridiculously over-crowded and yet they’re allowing more homes to be built. The roads are atrocious. There’s not enough open space and it’s a disaster.

Dear Mayor, We bought our home at Edmondson Park two years ago, drawn by the lovely feeling of driving into Ardennes Avenue and seeing the beautiful golf course and lovely trees. Fast-forward to now and that’s gone. Now we have an unnecessary service station/fast-food takeaway on the corner and when I drove in last night more beautiful trees had been bulldozed. Why is the council letting developers destroy open areas? Why aren’t we informed beforehand? Why can’t we have our say? Why aren’t developers telling buyers? I expect a response.

Ms LAWTON [via email]


COUNCIL CEO KIERSTEN FISHBURN RESPONDS: Works on Ardennes Avenue are associated with the approved development for a service station and takeaway food premises. The works are consistent with the council’s planning controls and allow for removing trees to facilitate access to the private site. Neighbouring properties were notified of the DA and submissions invited and advertised for from August 10 to August 25, 2016. The council has strategies in place for council-owned land to ensure sufficient open space is provided for the community. The council is committed to creating a vibrant walkable city and we’re advocating for future parkland projects including $25m for playgrounds, open parklands, bushwalking tracks and barbecue facilities in Edmondson Park and improvements to Jardine Drive Reserve and Croatia Avenue.

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