PRAYER FOR PETS | St Gertrude’s hosts annual blessing event

This was church – like you have never seen before.

Last month St Gertrude’s, Smithfield held their third Blessing of the Pets as part of their annual parish mass.

The guest list included chickens, dogs, cats, rabbits, lizards and macaws with the animals blessed in the paddock, behind the church.

Parish priest Father Jarek Zan, who brought the idea of blessing pets from his previous parish of Moss Vale, celebrated the mass and performed the blessings.

St Gertrude's Primary School Religious Education Coordinator Maria Panuccio said apart from some dogs barking most animals didn’t mind.

“This annual mass and blessing of the pets acts as a reminder that all Catholics are part of God’s creation and are to act as stewards to ensure it is well cared for,” she said.

“Witnessing the shared organisation and attendance of many teachers, students and parishioners, reflects the positive relationship held between the Parish and St Gertrude’s Catholic Primary school.”

The gathering concluded with a morning tea and breakfast barbeque prepared by parishioners and teachers.