Netball NSW launches free eight-week pilot of Walking netball at Fairfield Netball Association

Walking netball is coming to Fairfield – and everyone is invited.

Netball NSW are launching a free eight-week pilot of the program at the Fairfield Netball Association starting on October 15.

The modified version of netball aims to remove the barriers to sports participation for older women and men and is suited to all ages, abilities and fitness levels.

Netball NSW Participation Manager Shohan Khan said fun, laughter and friendship were the focus of walking netball.

“We feel this sort of program is needed in the community because our membership base has one percent over 55,” he told the Champion.

“The new program is a participation product we have developed with funding from Department of Family and Communities about 12 months ago and we wanted to put something into the market place to engage former netballers and also people who haven’t experienced netball and look at it as a very physical game or might not have the flexibility or cardio for it.

“The relaxed rules at a walking place means anyone who can walk can participate.”

So what are some of the differences between walking netball and the regular version?

Apart from only walking, there in no jumping and one foot has to be on the ground at all times. The usual three-feet between opponents has been increased to four and the shortened game of 30 minutes has rolling substitutions at any time.

Khan said the pilot will be an exercise class style program with netball skills, drills, strength work, balance, coordination and a game of walking netball.

The pilot is part of Fairfield’s push for more community programs which includes an upcoming trial of Fast5 netball.

“When we tested walking netball, people enjoy the game because it is a slow pace with not much contact and it is not heavy on the joints. With no running and jumping the knees and ankles are safe,” said Khan, who said eight trials will be held across NSW including Penrith, Gosford, Manly and Orange.

“Participants need to hit their passes and because the goalkeeper can’t jump there is a battle on the ground for the rebound.” 

  • The eight-week walking netball program will be held at Endeavour Sports Reserve (Maud Street Fairfield West) on Mondays from October 15. The sessions start at 10am. There is no need to register and participants can attend as many sessions as they like.
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