Kay Wilcoxon to make Australian debut

On the mark: Fairfield Liverpool Lions scorer Kay Wilcoxon has been selected to score the Sydney Test match. Picture: Simon Bennett
On the mark: Fairfield Liverpool Lions scorer Kay Wilcoxon has been selected to score the Sydney Test match. Picture: Simon Bennett

As a batsman, there’s one colour biro (that’s a pen for anyone born after 1980) they want to see on Kay Wilcoxon’s scorebook.

“Green is for sixes,” says Kay, who uses four colour pens when she scores.

“Red is for wickets and fours, blue is for sundries and black is for everything else.

“The players still love coming to look at the scorebook. I’m a big believer in paper scoring.”

The long-time Fairfield Liverpool first grade scorer has been rewarded for her diligence in ensuing all the figures match with selection to score the Sydney Test match between Australia and India at the Sydney Cricket Ground in January.

Just like for players, a Test match is the No.1 honour for a scorer.

And while she won’t bowl or ball or hit a run, the nerves have already started.

“As it gets closer I’m sure I will get a lot more butterflies. It is very exciting,” she said.

“Darren Goodger [NSW Cricket Umpires' and Scorers' Association board member] called me and he could have floored me...it was so unexpected.

“There are six of us at that level and the selectors pick two for the only Test match in NSW. For me, it’s just like every other game, but this is the cherry on top. It’s the biggest game you can get.”

Kay started scoring for her son Russell's junior team when he was six and progressed through the junior representative team ranks and into grade and then onto state level.

Her first Sheffield Shield game was NSW versus Victoria in the 2012/13 season and she will again score at first-class level in four-day cricket, the JLT Cup and the Big Bash League this summer.

She also scores under-age games, women’s games, trial games and I’m sure she would even mark the dot balls in a street game if she was asked.

So why did she decide to start scoring?

“Russell was a wicketkeeper and when you’re not scoring, you’re chatting with friends and he would come off the field and ask ‘did you see my catch?’ and I had to think...no, I didn’t but I lied and said great catch.

“I couldn’t keep lying so I picked up the pencil and started scoring because you have to watch every ball.”

In her 10-plus of years as being the Lions’ first grade scorer she said her favourite players to watch have been Ben Rohrer and Grant Lambert.

Her favourite ground? Of course, Rosedale Oval.

“It has great viewing and parking,” she said. “It can be hard to find a park these days at some of the other grounds.”

When asked how she copes scoring in 40-plus degrees temperatures for 100-plus overs?

“It can be tough. It’s good to chat to the other scorer and I have been lucky to make some great friends,” she said.

“The good thing about scoring is you’re always learning. I like to watch other scorers and see what they’re doing because there is no one right way to do it.”

And technology?

“It can be a challenge when you have to score the book and an iPad at the same time. I prefer paper. Technology can have issues and you can’t hold a game up to try and fix a computer,” she said.

So pens...um biros, it is for Kay.