Latest news from Fairfield police

At 2am on Wednesday, September 5, police stopped a vehicle on Bancroft Road at Abbotsbury. A search of the vehicle found some knuckle-dusters.  A 42-year-old man from Luddenham was charged with possessing a prohibited weapon. He will appear at Fairfield local court on a date yet to be set.

Robbery charge

At 7.30pm on Wednesday, September 5 a business on Ware Street at Fairfield was broken into. A 39-year-old man was arrested leaving the location and was charged with break, enter and steal.  He is bail refused to next appear at Fairfield court on September 13.

Man, 34, charged

At noon on Thursday, September 6, police observed a male within a shop on Hughes Street at Cabramatta to take certain items and leave the shop without paying.  He was searched with the property located along with drug paraphernalia and a 15-centimetre lock pick. The 34-year-old man from Abbotsbury was charged with shoplifting, possessing equipment for administering prohibited drugs and possessing housebreaking implements. He will appear at Liverpool local court on September 17.

L-plater caught

At 9.15pm on Friday, September 7, police stopped a vehicle on Cumberland Street, Cabramatta.  The 42-year-old woman produced a learners drivers licence and was not accompanied by a licensed driver and was not displaying L-plates.  She also recorded a positive breath test.  The subsequent breath analysis recorded a reading of 0.027.  She was charged with a range of offences including being an unaccompanied learner. She will appear at Liverpool local court on October 8.

Oil theft

A Miller man, 33, who’d previously been banned from a retail business on Railway Parade at Cabramatta attended on Wednesday, August 29 and allegedly stole assorted oils worth over $100.  He was charged with trespassing and stealing. He’s due in Liverpool court on October 10.

Search warrant 

On August 29, Fairfield police searched a home on Hebblewhite Place at Bonnyrigg and found various amounts of heroin, methylamphetamine, cannabis and allegedly stolen property. A man, 47, was charged with growing a cannabis plant and having goods in custody. He’s due in Fairfield court on October 22.

A woman, 44, was charged with receiving stolen goods, having goods in custody and two counts of having a prohibited drug. She’s due in Fairfield court on October 22.

And a woman, 45, was charged with having a prohibited drug. She’s due in Fairfield court on September 10.