‘A BIG MESS’ | Local reaction to change of leadership

Same old story: Emmanuel Kondok. Picture: Chris Lane
Same old story: Emmanuel Kondok. Picture: Chris Lane

Emmanuel Kondok, of Fairfield, is working hard to foster peace-building skills among Australian South Sudanese youth.

He reckons our politicians need to learn the same.

“What’s happened in the past week in Canberra is a big mess. The Liberal party fighting over each other – it’s not showing good leadership to the Australian people,” he said.

“It’s reflecting badly on the Australian people.”

The president of the Southern Sudanese Community NSW said the appointment of Scott Morrison​ as Australia’s 30th Prime Minister is unlikely to change things.

“They’re all the same – Scott Morrison, Malcolm Turnbull and Peter Dutton, there is no difference,” he said.

“The only difference between what’s happening in Canberra and overseas, like in southern Sudan, if the leader needs to be changed it happens by force. In Australian society it’s a war of words.”