Splash of colour for town centres

You may have noticed a colouful change for Bonnyrigg and Canley Heights town centres in the past few week.

Fairfield Council has planted 16 crepe myrtle trees along the median strip on Bonnyrigg Avenue near the intersection of Edensor Road at Bonnyrigg. In spring, the trees will be filled with striking white blossoms.

Council has also installed eight planter boxes near the intersection to hold a variety of colourful flowers, as well as installing new signage.

Meanwhile, 29 colour-changing lights have been installed on Canley Vale Road in the Canley Heights town centre. The upwards-facing lights will illuminate the tree canopies along the road.

 “We are proud of our town centres and we want our residents to be proud of them too,” Fairfield mayor Frank Carbone said.

“That is why we are continually looking at ways to improve the amenity of our town centres.

“These improvements are part of our investment in all town centres and are additional to works completed in Cabramatta, Fairfield and Fairfield Heights.”

In 2018/19, council will spend $63 million renewing and building new infrastructure, including $13.6 million on local roads and $2.6 million on footpaths.