SBS film is a knockout hit

The Ropes producer Courtney Wise and 16-year-old Bozana Diab.

The Ropes producer Courtney Wise and 16-year-old Bozana Diab.

Fairfield is about to hit the small screen in a new SBS drama titled The Ropes.

The four-part series has been in production since late last month and is primarily set in Fairfield.

Locals have had their chance to be part of the father-daughter boxing drama with several residents participating as extras in a wedding scene at Stars Palace recently.

Filming will also take place at local restaurants and cafes in the coming weeks.

The Champion were invited on set at an abandoned space on Court Street which has been converted into the gym of Iraqi-Australian boxing trainer Amirah Al-Amir (played by Nicole Chamoun).

The film follows Amirah’s journey to make it in the boxing world and her relationship with world champion father Sami (played by Igal Naor) which becomes strained when she organises a bout for her fighter Jess O’Connor (played by Keisha Castle-Hughes) behind his back.

Producer Courtney Wise said when they were researching places on where to film they were attracted to the atheistic of Fairfield to base the family.

“It is such a rich community and there is a lot of activity on the street and the cafes are buzzing. Fairfield has an exciting feel about it,” she said.

“The community has been so welcoming and supportive and we have received amazing help when we have reached out.”

Ms Wise is the brains behind The Ropes and fulfills a desire to produce a father-daughter drama.

“I thought a sporting family would be the perfect setting to explore that. It kind of has a natural patriarchal system, particularly boxing,” she said. “The journey of a young woman trying to break out and carve out a place as a trainer in that world is interesting and looks at a lot themes which are universal at the moment, including intergenerational problems.

“A lot of the fighters are real boxers who have never acted and we are getting some amazing performances out of them.”

One of those is 16-year-old Bozana Diab.

In her first breakout role, Bozana plays a member of group of boxers called The Wolfpack and trains with Amirah at her gym.

In real life she trains at the Tszyu Boxing Academy.

“When I was nine my mum said pick a martial art and get really good at it. So I got into boxing and the first day I did it I fell in love with it and being doing ever since,” she said.

“Acting is a different experience but I am enjoying it. The fight scenes are choreographed so you have to jab and cross at a certain time which is a different experience for me as is wearing a hijab.

“When I was growing up I used to do little skits mucking around with my cousin and we used to video tape it. But this is different. It is real. But I still feel like a kid and pretending to be someone else as a character.”