The day I got a free coffee from Gladys



Champion photographer Simon Bennett went from the city to the country in Ep 14 of his weekly video podcast, Life of Si.

First up was a meeting with Premier Gladys Berejiklian who met the people at Casula Mall recently, led by Holsworthy MP Melanie Gibbons. 

In an exclusive one-on-one, Bennett chatted with the NSW premier about her visit to the area and even scored a free skim mocha.

Premier pays a quick visit to Holsworthy electorate

Premier pays a quick visit to Holsworthy electorate

From there it was off to the country to catch up with Country Valley owner John Fairley who has thanked the community for its generosity and outpouring of support for his ‘adopt a cow’ initiative.

The Picton farmer published a post on Facebook on Monday, May 7 asking people to donate money to help pay for feed for his cows until spring.

By adopting a cow or a calf, supporters receive a photo of a cow, an adoption certificate and can name the cow.

People can donate any amount of money to adopt a cow or alternatively a donation of $135 entitles a family to a farm tour.

“The response has been unbelievable,” Mr Fairley said. “I wrote the post weeks ago after I realised we would have no feed until at least September.”

Bennett finishes the episode with a visit to Braeside Hospital where the nurses took part in an Amazing-race style event for International Nurses Day.


I really enjoy talking local issues with politicians.

Si Bennett