PET OF THE WEEK | Shadow the domestic shorthair needs a new home

Shadow is this week's Pet of the Week.
Shadow is this week's Pet of the Week.

Shadow is sure to purr her way into you heart. 

The two-year-old domestic shorthair loves affection and will roll on her back to bump and nudge you and encourage more chin scratches and head rubs. She is very inquisitive and is interested in everything around her, but doesn’t mind chasing a toy or two when she has a kitten burst.

Shadow would be suited to a home where she can be spoilt rotten and hog all the attention with her playtime and would need a home with older or children with cat knowledge, as she can be a little cheeky.

Please consider the below recommendations before adopting a new cat or kitten.

  • Do any other cats in your household need to be up to date on their vaccinations. If in doubt, a booster (preferably with modified live vaccine) is recommended at least two weeks prior to adopting.
  • If your existing cat is immunocompromised (positive or unknown FIV status), SDCH recommend you do not take a kitten into your home before consulting with their vet.

Sydney Dogs and Cats Home is located at 77 Edward St, Carlton and is a council pound and not-for-profit community facility that looks after lost animals from Fairfield Council. 

Adoption Fee: $365 plus council registration (three week trials are available).

  • Details:, 9587 9611.