Si sees red and comes out swinging



Champion photographer Simon Bennett took a step back in time in Ep 13 of his weekly video podcast, Life of Si filming the red rattler rolling into town last Friday.

The train’s arrival signalled 50 years to the day that the Campbelltown train line was electrified – the same day Campbelltown was officially declared a city.

A crowded platform full of residents, dignitaries and train enthusiasts cheers as the three-carriage red rattler pulled up to the station at 12.19pm – a minute earlier than expected.

The Red rattler rolls into town.

The Red rattler rolls into town.

Across town, Si caught up with the fab five from Martial Energy Australia: Cleonnie Lellis, Tara Phillips, Arias Vang, Holly Saunders and Stella Lellis.

The fighters who train out of Wetherill Park have been selected for the 2018 WAKO World Kickboxing Junior Championships in Italy in September.

He also goes one-on-one for some advice from Patrician Brothers’ College, Fairfield teacher Anthony Chidiac who wrote a book about the life of Sydney Opera House architect Jorn Utzon.

Mr Chidiac’s first book has been popular on Amazon and was recently ranked No.1 in the teen adult biographies section.

“I was inspired to write something because his story is fascinating. I liked he had imagination and creativity and wanted to push the boundaries which is something we all strive for,” he said.


The old trains are really cool and interesting to see.

Si Bennett