Fairvale High School's Sylvia Mikha attends Orientation Week

Sylvia Mikha at the University of Sydney campus.
Sylvia Mikha at the University of Sydney campus.

Fairvale High School Sylvia Mikha said it was interesting to get a “taste of what university is like” when she attended the University of Sydney to take part in Orientation Week earlier this month.

She was part of 200 students who experienced the O-Week atmosphere, met with university students and staff and took part in academic workshops as a way of encouraging students to think about their future beyond high school.

The idea is students feel more confident about the HSC, have a better understanding of how to apply to uni and the various scholarships and entry pathways available.

For Sylvia, who is currently leaning towards studying law and commerce, she learnt how to properly structure and write arguments in her critical thinking workshop.

“It’s something that isn’t really touched on in school so it was quite interesting to see the university perspective and to have a taste of what university is like. It taught me how structure can be really effective in my arguments,” she said.

“Some of the society clubs are quite interesting, like the Random Acts of Kindness Society. I actually think it’s great for a climate like today where we need a little more kindness; it’s something that we should all get involved in, even without joining the society.”

The day is run by the University’s Widening Participation and Outreach team who aim is to widen access to and participation in higher education.

Head of Widening Participation and Outreach Mary Teague said their partner high school students who visited for Orientation Week got an early start on what it’s like to commence university.

“Students made the most of our academic and transition to uni workshops, to familiarise them well in advance for the real thing next year. We hope they feel more confident about the HSC, have a better understanding of the scholarships and entry pathways available to them and have set their goals for uni in place,” she said.