Bonnyrigg resident Mandy Bui receives Strive Scholarship

Scholarship recipient: Mandy Bui. Picture: Simon Bennett
Scholarship recipient: Mandy Bui. Picture: Simon Bennett

Bonnyrigg resident Mandy Bui used to attend tutoring but had to stop because it was too expensive.

“My friends always complain about having to go to tutoring but little do they know that it's a luxury not all of us can afford,” she said.

“My mum is a single mother with three children and she always does her best to provide for us and makes sure there is food on the table every day. I know that raising three children is not an easy job, especially if you are doing it on your own. My mum does the best that she can for my siblings and me.”

Tutoring and other extra-curricular activities are now back on the table for the Bonnyrigg High School student after receiving a Strive Scholarship.

She was one of 54  Fairfield residents who received scholarships worth $40,000 from St George Community Housing (SGCH), who manage Newleaf Communities.

The educational scholarships up to $1500 for school, university or TAFE students living in SGCH properties help cover educational costs such as fees, text books, uniforms or electronic devices.

For Mandy, a member of the Bonnyrigg Youth Council which organises events to bring the community together, she said the scholarship will help her reach her “full academic potential”.

“I’d also like to take part in extra-curricular activities that I'm interested in including netball, debating and community involvement. I've been part of the High Resolves program at school for three years now which is a global citizenship and leadership initiative which aims to raise awareness for social issues,” she said.

SGCH Group chief executive Scott Langford, said: “It is easy to take for granted the cost of education, yet the incidental costs like uniforms, excursions, mobile devices, internet access and extracurricular activities, all add up quickly and can be out of reach for people living on low and very low incomes.”

Another round of Strive Scholarships will begin in March 2018 for SGCH tenants in tertiary studies.