‘I am incredibly proud’: Duo awarded university scholarship

Victor Quoc Ly, Casey Nguyen and Mekong  president Bruce Ly.
Victor Quoc Ly, Casey Nguyen and Mekong president Bruce Ly.

“I can finally relieve the financial burden on my parents who have already given so much to me.”

That was the reaction of Fairfield resident Victor Ly who was one of two local residents to be awarded a $10,000 Mekong Mounties University Scholarship at the Tet Festival on Saturday.

The scholarship aims to assist two students from low socio-economic and disadvantaged backgrounds to pursue their educational goals with financial assistance towards their full-time undergraduate studies.

Victor, who will be following in the footsteps of his grandfather by studying Medical Science and Doctor of Medicine at the University of Newcastle, said he was “overjoyed” and “very grateful” to be a recipient in the third year.

“The grant will greatly assist with the costs for my university accommodation,” he said.

“Overall, I am honoured to receive the award, and I believe that it will serve as a constant reminder for me to continue studying diligently in university so that I can contribute back to the Vietnamese community through my medical profession.” 

Fellow scholarship recipient Casey Nguyen from Canley Heights will use the money as she begins studying a Bachelor of Paramedicine at Western Sydney University.

“I am honoured to receive this award which is dedicated to encouraging and seeing through the success of the Asian community’s youth. I encourage every aspiring student to apply because this is a chance to make their voice heard as well as have the backing of a great organisation for life,” she said.

The scholarship program is awarded to applicants who come from a low family income and on the basis of academic merit (minimum ATAR of 90 achieved in the HSC) and achievement in other areas such as community volunteering.

Mounties Group president, Kevin Ingram, said: “It is truly an honour to support our young local community members. The Mekong Mounties University Scholarship Program rewards the heart of our community and we are pleased to contribute to their educational betterment.”