LIVERPOOL PUBLIC SCHOOL 1962 | 6A, where are you now?

Class 6A, where are you these days? Your teacher, Mr Cromarty, would love to hear from you.

It was 56 years ago that these 38 boys were in their final year of primary school at Liverpool Public School.

Jim Cromarty remembers it well. They were young faces full of promise and hearts with dreams yet to be realised. What are they up to now?

Jim Cromarty

Jim Cromarty

He writes: “In 1969 I taught at Liverpool Primary and recently found this photo of my class in 1962. I recall some names but can’t match them to pictures. I also have a picture of the staff in the same year.

“Would you like for interest’s sake to publish the photo with an appeal for any of the class members to contact me with information, names, etc?

“This would good for an aged ex teacher. They were a great class. I’d be happy to obtain names and news of boys who were in that class.”

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