‘Service doesn't change’ | Fairfield City Police Area Command starts operation

Open: Fairfield police station.
Open: Fairfield police station.

It’s business as usual for the new Fairfield City Police Area Command which officially commenced operations on February 1, according to Fairfield City commander Superintendent Peter Lennon.

In October it was announced Fairfield and Cabramatta Local Area Commands will merge in the biggest restructure to the NSW Police Force in 20 years designed to place more “frontline” officers on the ground.

Superintendent Lennon took to Facebook to reassure the community the work police do in, and with, the local community will not change as a result of the re-engineering of the NSW Police Force.

“Service doesn't change. The Cabramatta, Fairfield and Wetherill Park police stations remain open and operational 24-hours-a-day and we will continue to have a visible presence throughout the local area on foot, in cars and on bikes,” he wrote.

Fairfield City commander Superintendent Peter Lennon

Fairfield City commander Superintendent Peter Lennon

“...Combining the resources of the former Cabramatta and Fairfield local area commands sees more officers moving to frontline positions providing services to the community through the flattening of existing management structures.”

Superintendent Lennon said their priority of community engagement hasn’t changed and already in the first fortnight they have been able to put additional patrols on the street and place a stronger focus on community issues.

“We are able to enhance our proactive operations, our investigations and our response to the community through the pooling of what were previously separate resources. We are targeting thieves, DV offenders and drug dealers – anyone who disturbs the safety of our community,” he said.

“We continue to develop the strong relationships the Cabramatta and Fairfield local area commands have built with the community and local businesses.

“We count on your assistance so please keep in contact.  We are on Facebook (Fairfield LAC, Cabramatta LAC) and via phone (Cabramatta: 9725 8999, Fairfield: 9728 8399, Wetherill Park: 8788 5199).