New city strategy will rise to the challenge

Fairfield Chamber of Commerce president Vince Movizio

Fairfield Chamber of Commerce president Vince Movizio

As we fly through the beginning of this new year there is plenty going on around town.

It would seem however that a big topic of conversation is directed at the proposed 12 new major high-rise sites with lots of focus as to the pros and cons and plenty of discussion on what should be the maximum height limit.

Let’s face it, speaking quite frankly our city is tired, with very minimal progression in comparison to other cities, and desperately needs to move forward.

Fairfield has been identified as a Strategic Centre in the Draft Western Sydney District Plan, produced by the Greater Sydney Commission, and plays a critical role in the development of the Western Sydney district.

Redevelopment of our city is crucial to accommodate our growing population and provide additional housing and facilities for the future. The integration of these new buildings will transform and enhance Fairfield’s overall urban character.

Having personally been a part of this project since the beginning, it is easy to see that the positive impact on our CBD could be phenomenal and just what our city needs.

The introduction of attractive tall, sleek, iconic buildings will enhance the city’s form and pave the way to the rejuvenation of our city centre.

This will provide better facilities for businesses, which will improve the local economy and create more employment opportunities.  

We now have an opportunity to raise the overall standard of our city under a Design Excellence program.

If developers are willing to build spectacular landmark buildings on these larger sites, the magnitude of each of these towers should be measured on an individual basis to achieve the optimum use of each site.

It is imperative that if a property has the capabilities of achieving remarkable heights with no threat to surrounding properties, we maximise its full potential as you only get one opportunity to do this.   

This long overdue progression will create thousands of new homes with a greater selection for the community.

This, in turn, will provide our region’s home hunters affordable choices which are close to public transport and amenities in a more functional and vibrant place for residents in which to live and take pride in.

Vince Movizio


Fairfield Chamber of Commerce


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