Canley Vale PS win Sam Lewis Peace and Environment Award

Do you know what kindness looks like?

A group of year 1 students at Canley Vale Public School do – and they are not afraid to show people.

The class has been doing random acts of kindness to spread joy throughout the school and the community.

The 20-pupils have delivered thank you cards to the office ladies, drawn pictures for the canteen staff and given flowers to the librarian to show their appreciation. They have also spent time picking up rubbish from the yard.

Teacher Lam Phuong filmed their generous actions and together they made a film titled Kindness Project. Along with a secondary film titled Peacemakers where pupils answered the question, what peace means to them? they were submitted for the 2017 Sam Lewis Peace and Environment Awards.

Last week it was announced they won first prize in the NSW Teachers Federation competition.

The class put what they had learned into practice by using part of the $500 prizemoney to buy toys and donating them to the Salvation Army Christmas Appeal.

“It was a way to contribute to the community and prove that anyone can spread kindness,” Ms Phuong said.

“As their teacher I’m super proud of their generosity and caring nature.”

For those wondering what kindness looks like, pupils of 1L said:

Kindness means smiling, helping one another, playing with each other nicely, everyone belongs, sharing with your friends and saying nice words to one another.

These peacemakers are helping spread that message every day.