AC/DC at Fairfield? Yes, it happened.

Icons: ACDC pose for a photo in 1975 - not long after they had played a concert at Fairfield Showground. Picture: Fairfax Archives.

Icons: ACDC pose for a photo in 1975 - not long after they had played a concert at Fairfield Showground. Picture: Fairfax Archives.

It’s been a long way to the top for rock legends AC/DC. But did you know they performed a concert right here in Fairfield?

On March 9, 1975 the fab five of Angus Young, Bon Scott, George Young, Phil Rudd and Malcolm Young graced the stage at Fairfield Showground to play songs from their debut album High Voltage.

Here was the band which defined Australian pub rock in the 1970s playing in our backyard.

It’s a moment in Fairfield’s history that needs to be marked according to Fairfield councillor Paul Azzo.

In the final council meeting of the year he proposed a plaque or wall of fame be erected at the showground to honour great acts who have performed there – including AC/DC.

“A plaque honouring this unique band that played at the showground is easily justified – a band that put Australia on the world stage,” Mr Azzo said.

“AC/DC where known for their unique music style and their high voltage rock and roll. I feel that our city should honour them at the same location they performed at back in 1975.

“Not many can lay claim to the fact that AC/DC played at their showground but we sure can.

“Their infectious music lives on in the hearts and minds of generations off rock and roll enthusiasts the world over.”

Fairfield councillor Paul Azzo.

Fairfield councillor Paul Azzo.

Mr Azzo said the timing of the recognition is fitting considering the recent passing of band member of Malcolm Young. Sadly, three members of the group that played at Fairfield (Malcolm and George Young and Bon Scott) have died.

Fairfield mayor Frank Carbone said new “preserving the history” of the Fairfield Showground was a priority for council as it plans to redevelop the site in to Fairfield’s own mini-Centennial Park.

The upgrade will includes a football stadium with seating for 5000 people, a new all-weather synthetic football field for community and elite use, an AFL/cricket oval which has a big screen and stage for festivals and concerts, a golf driving range and a community amphitheatre at the southern end of the site.

“The Showground has played a strong role in the past of this city and council will be looking at making sure that its history is preserved,” he said.

“Not just AC/DC, but the people who have played a role at the Showground for a long time and the many events that were held there which includes Easter Shows and Harness Racing.

“I would love to have a wall that reflects the heritage of the showground’s past and recognises those that have contributed towards it and also recognise the changing face of Fairfield that has occurred through the showground’s past and the people that contributed to that.”