Mounties host first Food Truck Weekend

Popular: The Bearded Bakers from Knafeh Bakery.
Popular: The Bearded Bakers from Knafeh Bakery.

A four-day food fiesta is coming to town – and you are all invited!

Knafeh Bakery’s famous bearded bakers headline Mounties first ever Food Truck Weekend starting on Friday, December 15.

The Knafeh Bakery is a popular pop-up bakery which is based in an old shipping container attracting crowds with music, dancing, and their delicious Middle Eastern dessert : a sweet cheese and semolina pudding, covered in a layer of fine crumbing mix. 

“From singing to dancing, a visit to Knafeh is always full of movement”, Knafeh’s director (and Papa Baker) Ameer “AJ” El-Issa said. “We sell an experience.”

They will be joined by popular food trucks: Happy as Larry, EL’s Fried Chicken, Smokin’ Grill Barbecue, Two Hungry Italiani and Molong Farm for the four-day feast.

Kevin Ingram, Mounties Group president, said: “It’s a jam-packed weekend at Mounties, with both our Christmas Carnival and Food Truck Fest taking place – there’s something for everyone. We hope our members and guests enjoy the fourday festival and immerse themselves in the festive spirit this holiday season.” 

  • Mounties’ Food Truck Festival will be held in in the carpark (adjacent to the tennis courts). It will run from 4pm to 10pm on Friday and Monday and from 10am to 10pm on Saturday and Sunday.