Roundabouts to improve safety at four intersections

Four busy intersections are set for roundabouts in early 2018.

Each problem spot will be converted to a single lane roundabout to improve traffic flow as well as significantly lessen the chance of crashes.

Roundabouts will be installed at:

Edensor and Kalang roads, Edensor Park.

Sweethaven and Allambie roads, Greenfield Park.

Bowden and Huie streets and Woods Avenue, Cabramatta.

Brenan and Bourke streets, Smithfield 

Fairfield mayor Frank Carbone said turning in and out of these streets has become “increasingly difficult especially at peak times”.,

“..It will now be a lot easier and less frustrating for motorists,” he said.

“Road safety is one of Council’s paramount concerns.

 “Investment in this infrastructure is an investment in our community’s safety.

“We want families to be able to return home safely each day without injury or expensive vehicle repairs.”

Mayor Carbone said council will invest almost $14 million this financial year to maintain and improve the local road network to make it “safer and more efficient”.