Two kids killed as car crashes into Banksia classroom

Paula Ott: Thank you for the update. My heart bleeds for the families and their communities. God be with those students. x x x

New train timetable angers commuters

Phil Hustler: More frequency is fine. But they should have an express service even if it’s once every 30 minutes, at least. Liverpool, Cabramatta, Fairfield, Merrylands, Strathfield, Redfern. If the western line can get Penrith, St Marys, Blacktown, Parramatta, Strathfield, Redfern, why can’t we get something similar? Adding 10-plus stops and saying it will only increase travel time by a few minutes is just rubbish.

Alejandro M Bugedo: Who’s the Muppet who thought up this genius idea? I bet you it was the same fool who bought the new trains that don't even fit on our tracks..

Relay for Life

Sonja Zink: It was an awesome event. Congrats to all who contributed to making it so!

Joan Harris: I hope you all had a good day.

Jo Virdo: That’s a great shot!! What a fantastic worthwhile day it was.

Martin Clunes interview on the Doc Martin set

Tony Norman: We visited Port Isaac a few years ago..It’s a great spot. Great Cornish pasties down near the water. Only problem was all the parking is at the top and it’s an easy walk down to the water.but a bugger of a walk back up with a belly-full of Cornish pastie.

Jill Hepburn-Shortus: My favorite show!!

Mekita Johanssen: When I first watched this television show I found it hard to believe it was the same actor from Men Behaving Badly. The two roles are extreme opposites! I'm still half expecting Doc Martin to get drunk and tell inappropriate jokes one day.

Yvonne Doney: One of the best shows on telly at the moment.

Sue Owens: Great show.

Greg Price: Love this man’s work.


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