St Johns Park High School explore Orphan School Creek

St Johns Park High School took their learning to the streets as part of their innovative Project Based Learning program.

Year 7 students students have spent the past month investigating different features of the ecosystem around Orphan School Creek focusing on invasive plant species, water quality, marine insects, bird life and pollution. The students presented their work in an exhibition to the public and more than 90 students from Governor Phillip King Public school last Wednesday.

Head Teacher Colin Boyd said PBL gives students an opportunity to interact with their peers to solve “real word” problems.

“It allows them to develop their interpersonal skills and self confidence to speak clearly to the public about things that are important such as our creek health,” he said.

Students Grace Bowen and Zara Winfrey tested the water quality. “We tested for phosphate and nitrate levels. Because there hasn’t been any rain, the water quality is pretty low,” Grace said.