Loribelle Spirovski's exhibition Diaspora launches on September 23

Rising star: Loribelle Spirovski. Picture: Instagram/@clockworkpress
Rising star: Loribelle Spirovski. Picture: Instagram/@clockworkpress

Fairfield City Museum & Gallery Artist in Residence Loribelle Spirovski wanted to create a piece of work that was true to herself and to the incredibly diverse people of Fairfield for her final exhibition.

The end result is Diaspora – an array of surrealist portraits of residents from across Fairfield. 

Her solo exhibition will open on September 23 and features 25 pieces that showcase the faces of Fairfield’s diverse community. 

“I’m really excited to open the exhibition. I got a  really wonderful response from strangers who wanted to be part of something bigger,” said Loribelle, who has been a finalist in the Portia Geach Memorial Art Award and the Black Swan Art Prize.

“It will feature mostly paintings but there will be installations made of paper and traditional costumes that have been painted on.”

What started out as a call-out to the community in February, has manifested into an exhibition which Fairfield mayor Frank Carbone describes as a showcase of the “many unique voices and perspectives of our diverse population, whose collective identities give our city great strength”.

Spirovski, who migrated to Australia from the Philippines, said her migrant background was her inspiration for the exhibition.

“It felt natural to explore the city’s multicultural identities,” she said. “Humans are always drawn to others who are like them and I wanted, more than anything, to create work that was true to myself and to the incredibly diverse people of Fairfield City.”

It’s been a big year already for the former Mount Pritchard resident.

Her portrait of distinguished actor and director John Bell was a finalist in this year’s Archibald Prize.

“It’s really amazing when people notice what you do and acknowledge what you do resented with them. Creating art is so personal so when people respond it’s a wonderful thing,” she said at the time.

Ms Spirovski’s exhibition will run until January 2018. The new Artist in Residence will be announced in late September. 

She will also lead two all ages and abilities workshops at Fairfield City Museum & Gallery in the coming months. A still-life painting workshop ($25 per person) will be held on October 14 (10am-1pm) and on November 18 (1pm-4pm) there will be a portrait workshop ($20 per person).

  • Diaspora will be launched at Fairfield City Museum & Gallery on September 23 at 2pm.
Picture: Instagram/@clockworkpress

Picture: Instagram/@clockworkpress