Cerebral Palsy Alliance filmmaking group create exhibtion

It’s a Neverending Story that is Fast and the Furious and is fit for a Swan Princess or Queen of the Dessert.

Welcome to the story of Sweded – a new exhibition by Fast Princess; a film making collective based at the Cerebral Palsy Alliance in Prairiewood.

The filmmaking collective –  made up of creatives with Cerebal Palsy – were inspired from Michel Gondry's film Be Kind Rewind  to swede (recreate a summarised, low budget, version of a popular movie) films of their choice with the stills forming the foundation of the exhibition.

Some of the movies include Fast and The Furious, The Swan Princess, Pricilla, Queen of the Desert and The Neveending story. The films were selected by the clients and took 10 weeks each to make.

Project Co-ordinator from the Cerebral Palsy Alliance Stephen Wilson-Alexander, said it was the first time the group have used green screens, pyrotechnics and models in the filming process.

Mr Wilson-Alexander said the general consensus of the film group which has been going for a year is that it is “fun” and they have “never done anything like that before”.

“They just want to share their movies and get it out there,” he said.  

“This project is important because everyone gets the chance to have their own movie made and take on the responsibility of lining up the scenes and acting in them.”

The exhibition is part of Western Sydney University’s Diversity Week celebrations.

The exhibition is on display at Western Sydney’s Bankstown Campus until October 6.