Fairfield mayor Frank Carbone promotes dog safety after spate of recent attacks

Did you know under the Companion Animals Act dog owners must ensure their pet is under effective control at all times while in a public place?

It’s one of the many responsibilities Fairfield mayor Frank Carbone is reminding dog owners to adhere to after serious dog attacks in Castle Hill and Rooty Hill recently.

Mayor Carbone said penalties are in place if the rules are broken to ensure an attack doesn’t happen in Fairfield. People could be issued with a penalty of $220 for each offence. 

“A child, for example, might not be able to control a big dog,” he aid.

“If you have a big dog, then an adult who is able to restrain the dog should walk the dog.

“There are more severe penalties, including jail for up to two years, if your dog rushes at, attacks, bites, harasses or chases any person or animal (other than vermin), regardless of whether any injury is caused to that person or animal.”

Dog attack incidents may also result in your dog being declared Dangerous, Menacing or of a Restricted Breed, in which case Council can impose strict control requirements to house the animal at home or where it is ordinarily kept.

An owner may be issued with a $1320 fine for each requirement not met.

Dogs must also have a collar with a name tag that shows the dog’s name and the address or telephone number of the owner.

There are three off-leash areas for dogs in Fairfield: at Canley Vale (off Railway Parade near Stuart Street), King Park in Wakeley and at Wilson Park in Bonnyrigg Heights.