Fishpipe to be unveiled for summer

“It’s a rotating water barrel ride and feels like being on a mile long water slide and in a washing machine at the same time.”

That’s Fairfield Mayor Frank Carbone’s appraisal of Aquatopia’s latest attraction: the Fishpipe .

The planned Fishpipe ride is in addition to the new Stingray Surf Ride which will both be ready in time for summer.

“The new attraction, the Fishpipe, is an amazing and unique 90-second ride,” Mayor Carbone said. 

“Riders are zippered inside a ball, water is pumped in and the Fishpipe begins spinning while thrilled riders slide and tumble around in the bottom.

“The Stingray Surf Ride will give residents the surfing experience without the need to travel long distances to the beach.”

The new attractions add to the the 10-metre giant water slide tower and multi-purpose adventure aqua tower which instantly become crowd favourites during the hot summer.

“This is an investment in our community that continues to build Aquatopia into one of south-west Sydney’s best attractions for affordable family fun and encourages young people to get out and about, have fun, get active and be healthy,” Mayor Carbone said.

Aquatopia Water Park, located inside Prairiewood Leisure Centre,  became a splash with the community in its first season with just under 40,000 attending the water park.