COP’S ENEMY gallery | We go on set for JP’s new action thriller

Local French-born actor Jean-Pierre Yerma has been working on a new film, Cop’s Enemy, budgeted at $1m, and he sent us this production report:

I'm excited to say I've been involved in the new feature film, Cop’s Enemy.

I've been on set for two months now shooting this feature and it's full of twists and turns, love, romance, action and thrills.

I play Detective Dwayne in a role that sees me being challenged for my very survival. 

It’s set in a city full of corrupt cops and mysterious kingpins, such as Christopher Ifechi Shadow (played by Van Vicker) and young Victor Kaapor (played by John K-ay) who fights to save his mother and the woman he loves.

This forces him to go undercover on an off-the-books mission to help the police take down the well-known unstoppable crew of rich kids known as Cop’s Enemy.

His only option is to betray his girlfriend but as he gets closer to his goal he begins to realise everything is not as it seems.

Filming was throughout the Sydney metropolitan area and also in some amazing locations, including a few of the city’s multi-million-dollar mansions.

The film’s leading man John K-ay is also the writer, producer and co-director (with Prema Smith) and he’s the loveliest talented young fellow with a big vision.

He has a good Aussie story with an interesting background in Africa. He migrated to Australia as a refugee and in just two years he's producing this film.

Other co-stars are Costa Prasoulas (as Detective Gary), Quinten Brown (as Michael Dwyer), Gabrielle Bartlett (as Captain Fiona), Clarisse Dorika (as Aida Madeletso) and Kwasi “AJ” Adjei-Nuamah (as Jada Madeletso).

The red-carpet events for the release of the film will start on December 1 in Melbourne. Then comes Parramatta on December 2, then off to Adelaide’s Star Theatre (December 3), Brisbane’s Acacia Ridge (December 8) and, finally, Perth’s Cannington (December 9).

So this is what I’ve been up to!