Uninvited Cabramatta party guests charged

About 11:15pm on Saturday, July 8, police were called to an address in Cabramatta in regards to a brawl which had broken out between gate crashers and invited guests at a house party.

When police arrived, the gate crashers fled from the house and stood down the street and attempted to incite the occupants of the premises into a further fight.

Whilst police were attempting to disperse the group of gate crashers, the invited party guests stood outside the house.

Police will allege the gate crashers attempted to run at police and the invited guests. Police used their appointments to prevent violence from escalating and arrested four male gate crashers.

The males were charged with:

  • Assault police in the execution of duty.
  • Violent disorder.
  • Affray.
  • Intimidate police.
  • Malicious damage .

One of the males was granted conditional bail and is due to appear before Liverpool court on July 17. Another was granted conditional bail and is due to appear before Parramatta Children’s Court on July 27.

Shoplifting, under-age drinking in Cabramatta

About 8:40pm on Friday, July 7, a group of males, including one 17-year-old male, entered a bottle shop in Cabramatta.

Several members of the group bought alcohol, while the 17-year-old male put a bottle of spirits down his pants, picked up a case of cider and walked out of the store.

A staff member who was outside the premises saw what had occurred and confronted the male and retrieved the case of cider.

The male fled with the spirits.

A short time later, police found the male in a nearby car park after he consumed a majority of the bottle.

The male was arrested and taken back to Cabramatta Police Station, where the 17-year-old male started to vomit due to his intoxication.

As a result the male was released into the care of a family member for legal action to be commenced at a later date.